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Edit, create, and convert your video files in a pro-looking environment
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If in search of a comprehensive video editor capable of mixing, editing, and enhancing all widely used media formats in an intuitive environment, MovieMator Video Editor Pro is an option worth considering. Its timeline-based interface, its easy-to-use editing functionality, and its extensive list of export profiles make it an interesting mixture of professional and amateur features that anyone interested in video editing can use and enjoy.

The program opens in an attractive interface where the media player and the editing timeline appear as the most prominent features. Though only a few video and audio tracks are visible initially, the program imposes no limitation on the number of tracks that you can work with simultaneously or the number of files that you can concatenate on each track (subject only to the length and/or size of the final product). When loaded, media files are added to an initial list in the order you selected them. From there, and using your mouse, you can drag them easily to the desired track and to the position of your choice within the track.

Video tracks can be rotated, cropped, resized, and moved easily by clicking on the icons provided. Some edits come with a set of useful presets, to which you can add your own for later use. All media files can also be easily split once they have been placed on the timeline – the location of the cursor will determine the split position. You can also change the volume of the soundtrack, add a custom or a preset text to the video (timecode, frame number, etc.), and add filters to selected sections or to entire files in order to enhance the final mix.

You will find filters for both audio and video files, all of them designed to ensure the most professional results. There are filters to change the brightness, white balance, sharpness, contrast, saturation, or color of video files, or to add a blur, glow, mirror, sepia, or vignette effect to them to create a specific atmosphere. As for the audio, you have filters to adjust the balance, the bass, and the treble, to add a fade in/out, delay, reverb, or mute effect to the file, and to normalize or compress it in an intuitive way.

I have to admit that what surprised me most about this tool is the extensive choice of export profiles and presets that it provides. They are all neatly organized by device, media type, or use, such as specific profiles for online sites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.). The formats supported cover both SD and 4K resolutions for the video as well as lossy and lossless audio formats. The list is nothing short of overwhelming, and you can make it even more impressive by adding your own presets, as each profile can be customized to fit your specific needs and saved as a new one for later use.

MovieMator Video Editor Pro is a nicely designed comprehensive video and audio mixer and editor that can help both amateur and professional users to create their own movies with a wealth of pro-looking effects and filters. The editing process is intuitive enough to require a very short learning curve, and the resulting videos are always of the expected quality.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a timeline-based interface
  • Exports to all known formats and resolutions via built-in profiles
  • Works with an unlimited number of simultaneous media files
  • Includes a media player for real-time preview


  • Some response problems when clicking on the icons of the editing tools
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