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Enhance your video files and produce effect-rich video discs
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Home video editing and video disc authoring should not require more than some basic technical background and a bit of practice. That is probably the philosophy behind MovieMator Video Editor Pro, a simple-to-use video editor with a wide range of tools, filters, and effects to help you produce professional-looking videos and video discs in a highly intuitive timeline-based workspace.

Do not let its reduced price and its clear-looking interface fool you – MovieMator Video Editor Pro has most of the functionality that other similar tools only offer to those willing to pay a license fee a few times higher than this program’s price tag. You will find everything you need to improve and enhance your best videos, to correct any lighting issues, and to combine them into pro-looking discs or video files complete with your favorite soundtrack and transitions.

The program’s interface also has a truly professional look. Its timeline-based video editing and creation tool makes it even easier and more intuitive for the novice user. Its oversized video player is also a great help, placed right at the center of the screen. All the effects and filters and editing tools are locate there, left from the player, with an icon-based main menu for you to select what and how you want to improve on your video. Whenever you select one of these options (video filters, audio tracks, text, animations, etc.) a new set of settings appear on the right of the player, allowing you to customize all your edits.

The list and variety of video effects and filters provided is so extensive that it would surely benefit from a better organization method. Thought grouped by their function, they all appear under the same menu option, forcing you to scroll up and down again and again trying to locate that elusive filter or effect you swear you saw a minute ago. Other effects and options follow the same interface design pattern, but their reduced number – as compared to the massive choice of video effects – makes things much easier.

Other than that, finding your way around the program’s interface will not take you much. Just select and add to the timeline as many video and audio tracks you wish to play with, and just move them around the various tracks until you are happy with the results. You can apply a certain filter to an entire video or to a selected section of it (say, adding a greyscale color filter to a certain scene just for dramatic effect), and you can mute a video file so that you can add your favorite soundtrack to it.

The possibilities are endless, and the best way to see how easy and how gratifying they are to achieve, I can only recommend you to download the program’s trial and play around with it for the generous trial period available. I am sure you will find more than one reason to keep this comprehensive video editor on your desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a timeline video editor
  • Has an extensive library of video filters and effects
  • Exports to all well-known video codecs
  • Change your videos' soundtracks
  • Add professional transitions


  • Poor organization of the extensive choice of video effects
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